Wellbeing in Nature

This particular activity is no longer available or has stopped running. Please check current listings for updated versions or similar activities.

Research tells us that making a connection with Nature can make us feel better.

Join our small group taking a weekly Mindful Walk to make connections with Nature to help with wellbeing. Our walks will be short, but allow 1-1.5 hours per meeting. We may also meetup online.

We will explore other ways we can connect to Nature through some very simple creativity.

  • Exploring the 5 Ways to Wellbeing & Nature Connectedness
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Nature identification
  • Introduction to mindfulness

Starting Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 11am – Karen will be in touch to arrange our first meet up

This is a chance to meet new people and share ideas. You will receive suggestions on how to continue the themes at home.

We can provide support to help you attend! If you need a companion for a cared-for person during the sessions, just let us know. We can also offer to the sessions or help to get you online if we also meet up that way.

We’ll meet in various locations in and around Ross over 12 weeks. The course is free if you have an HR9 postcode