Passport to Activity

This particular activity is no longer available or has stopped running. Please check current listings for updated versions or similar activities.

What would it be like to try out some new activities in our area? Well, here’s your chance to experience something new!

About this event

Clover – Passport to Activity

……..Have you applied for yours?

What is the passport?

Here’s your chance to experience something new with SIX free sessions and the opportunity to participate for SEVEN days at Halo Leisure in Ross on Wye. The passport will be valid for 2 months from date of issue and during that time you will be able to access the activities below for free for SIX sessions.

Activities are for anyone aged 18 and over, and free to all residents with an HR9 postcode.

How do I apply for my passport

We have a limited number of passports available. If you would like a passport you need to apply as soon as you can.

  • You will need to give your details and answer some questions. You will then be sent a passport with information about how to attend each activity.
  • Each activity leader can let you know any further details about when the sessions are and what is likely to happen at the session so you can come prepared.
  • Take your passport along to your chosen activities to redeem your 6 free sessions.
  • All of the sessions are designed to be fun so it’s a great opportunity to start the new year with some active fun

Activities available with your passport

1 Walking Netball

2 Walking Tennis

3 Cardio Tennis

4 Touch Rugby

5 Walking Football

6 Halo Leisure 7 day pass

This Passport is free to those living in the HR9 postal area. However, we are asking participants who would like to to make a voluntary donation towards the costs of our courses. This will help us to continue to provide activities once our grant funding ends in early 2022.

The activity passport has been organised ignite cic in partnership with Ross-on-Wye Community Development Trust

Our volunteers may be able to provide support to help carers or those without their own transport to attend! Just let us know and we will see what we can do to help.