Adult Learn to Swim

This particular activity is no longer available or has stopped running. Please check current listings for updated versions or similar activities.

At Halo, we have developed a package of FREE adult swimming lessons which are funded through Herefordshire Council to increase opportunities for people to get active, as part of a £6million investment to support covid-19 recovery and improve wellbeing in Herefordshire.

These FREE courses will be delivered to groups of adults at Halo pools at Hereford Leisure Pool, Leominster Leisure Centre, Ross Swimming Pool and Ledbury Swimming Pool.

With a patient instructor by your side we’ll help you become confident and competent in the pool. We’ll take things as slow as you want as you rediscover the joy of water and the power within you to swim. And you will.

No pressure. No rush.

No test at the end of it. Just the chance to put your fears behind you and enjoy the health benefits.

You’ll get a life-saving skill, and the chance to enjoy the pool with the kids at the weekend or with friends when they spa or with family when they set off for some summer sunshine. When you achieve your 25m in the beginners class you can then sign up to our improvers sessions to keep your swimming skills growing or come along to any of our public swimming sessions.

For more information and to book your free space visit: