Yoga with Poppy

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

There are many health benefits associated with the practice of asanas (movements) and these have been documented extensively in both evidence-based research papers and personal records.
Holistically speaking, asana (movement) practice can help to:

  • Improve physical health
  • Direct prana (breathing) and awaken energy centres (Kundalini)
  • Awaken proprioception (awareness of the position and movement of the body)
  • Develop concentration and focus
  • Develop confidence and self-awareness

Chair Yoga

 Chair based Yoga suitable for all ages particularly if you find ups and downs are challenging, or you’d feel more supported and comfortable seated Yoga The practice is gentle and relaxing. It’s quite a popular class, many of my clients find the sessions are enjoyable. Sessions include hips and spinal mobility, arms and shoulders movements, balance and focus and engaging with the breath, as well as breathing session. Leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energized after the session. Book in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment as this class is very popular. Come and join us!

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