Walking Football

The rules of walking football are exactly the same as the regular version of the game.

There are no age restrictions placed on walking football, but the slower nature of the game allows older players to return to a sport they once loved.

So if you’re 50+ you’ve not have played for a few years or perhaps suffer from a mobility injury, this is your chance to play again in confidence!

A key aim of walking football is to show that football is accessible to everyone and anybody can get involved in the beautiful game. Plus the cup of tea, or sometimes something stronger, after the game and the post-match banter is another enjoyable part of the sessions –adding a social element to a thoroughly enjoyable experience

Sunday mornings at 11:15am

No need to book, just turn up to simply try out or watch a session.

Ross Rugby Club, Greytree Road, Ross-on-Wye.

For more jnformation: Ron Goulding 01989 750546

If you would like to attend but have no means of transport, please let us know. We will do our best to help.