Resilience and Everyday Stress

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This course will support and teach you strategies to help deal with challenges and low moods more effectively and quickly. Exploring techniques that will help you to adapt more easily to change and have a more positive approach to overcoming everyday stress.

You will learn to recognise current behaviours and habits that may affect how you deal with stress and assess how you could improve your own self-esteem, moving forward to a positive mindset.

This programme will look at how incorporating Mindfulness techniques, healthy sleep habits and a healthy diet can contribute to the development and maintenance of good mental health.

This is part 1 of 2 six week courses where we will explore ways to improve your wellbeing Join Sarah’s supportive and encouraging group and let’s move forward together.

Fee £28.80 or free on some courses if you are in receipt of some benefits

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Resilience and Everyday Stress