John Kyrle Retirement Club

Published in The Ross Gazette Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Plea to keep John Kyrle Retirement Club going

The Chairman of the John Kyrle Retirement Club, Brian Higgins, wants to reassure people that the club is still open, and ready to welcome anyone who needs a friendly place to meet friends.

There are new signs up at the entrance to Pigs Alley and by the the Club, but he said many locals, as well as visitors to the town don’t realise it is there.

Anyone can visit, they don’t need to be a member but Mr Higgins said it is different to visiting a tea shop, there is a chance to relax and have a chat. There used to be groups playing whist or knitting but now there are many other places where older residents can go. He said that when the market was a big attraction the club would be full, but now people are not so keen to walk up the hill.

The committee is desperate for more people to visit the club, and become members if they wish, or there is a danger that it will not be able to keep going. It is only £4.50 a year to become a member.

The club opened in 1964 and is the oldest in Ross but now they need more members and volunteers to keep it open.

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